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How To Order

How to place an order

Are taxes included?

How do I submit my music?

What is a 10% Over-Run / Under-Run?


How long does it take?

Can I pickup my records?

Where are your records pressed?

What is your minimum quantity?

Do I need a barcode?

What is a barcode? What are they used for?

Are reorders cheaper?

Vinyl Specific

How much time can a 7" Record fit?

How much time can a 12" Record fit?

What is Budget Vinyl?

What colors are available for the vinyl records?

How long do test presses take?

How do I prepare my audio files?

Is mastering included?

Does my music need to be mastered for vinyl?

What is a lacquer master?

What is the difference in weight? What does 150g and 180g mean?

What happens if my test press is not approved?


Is shipping included?

Can you ship my order to different locations?

Do you ship internationally?